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The truth is, up until about 15 years ago, not too many people would have turned their eye to the area of Williston, but the Bakken Oil Field and the oil boom in northwest North Dakota have changed a lot about the area. What that boom didn’t change was the realities of the law.

At Neff Law, our attorneys are dedicated, experienced and, most of all, local. Our lawyers are from Williston and have deep roots in northwest North Dakota. We understand how the law works here and how to get things done for the people that come to us. You may not know much about northwest North Dakota, but if you’ve got a legal issue in the area, we can be your legal boots on the ground.

Learn more about our attorneys by reading their bios below:

A Combined 50 Years Of Experience In Helping People And Families

Our practice is a bit different from the standard. Considering the growing issues of mineral rights and oil industry interests, we help people with property in the area handle these issues when they interact with real estate, estate planning, and probate. These issues are complex, and our attorneys help people find the outcome they need. This could mean selling the property for some. For others, it could mean taking control of the land and finding a way to make it profitable in the long term.

Attentive, Dedicated Family Law Lawyers

Our focus in family law is to find you the outcome you need to see your kids as much as you want and to live the life you feel you deserve. From divorce to child support, we can answer your questions and advocate for your priorities.

We listen to you about your needs and help you find success maneuvering through North Dakota statutes and local ordinances and regulations. Call or send an email using this form to get started.