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Mineral Rights Can Make Estate Planning And Probate Much More Complex

Everyone already knows that estate planning and probate law are complex. However, when you add the realities of mineral rights to the issue – which come with massive potential windfalls and obstacles – it can get messy. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

At Neff Law, we are ready to get to work to help you secure your estate plan or clean up the legal chaos of probate law. We have watched the way the oil boom in northwest North Dakota changed things for families and businesses. We can help you make the smart decisions that the road ahead requires.

Fixing Problems In Probate

The chances are good that you might be relatively far away from North Dakota when you inherit something here. The property you are now responsible for might be extremely valuable, but it may be quite a struggle to benefit from that value, considering the potential probate problems ahead.

A major aspect of our work is what’s called “curative probate.” It involves tackling the central problems that may occur on inherited property, specifically with issues to land and mineral title. There are frequently additional legal issues that arise surrounding mineral inheritance. We provide you with insight into local statutes and practices and take on the problems facing your case head-on.

Probate Preventative Maintenance

If you’re a resident of Western North Dakota, you have likely seen your property values skyrocket. That’s a good thing for you and, potentially, your family. It will take considerable effort on your part to ensure your family can reap the benefits of your legacy.

We can help you craft your estate plan to ensure a simpler, less stressful succession of property. We’ve worked in mineral rights and farm succession, so we understand how complex passing land on can be. Our goal is to make a smoother ride for you and your family.

We’re Your Legal Boots On The Ground

We can help resolve the probate issues ahead of you regardless of where you’re located. Turn to us. We’ll act as your voice. We’ll advise you on the smart choices to make. We’ll give you options. And most of all, we will advocate for the outcome you want. Call us at 701-577-2000 or send an email to get started.